Brooke Jamieson

Brooke Jamieson

Head of Enablement - AI/ML and Data

All the things you can do in AWS once you know Python

Python is a great first language to learn, but how do you jump from print("Hello, World!") to actually building things in AWS? In this session, I’ll present a winning workflow for Python Newbies (hatchlings?) who are ready to move past the basics, and want to explore everything they can build in AWS. We’ll cover a range of topics from serverless compute and serverless API hosting, through to AI/ML, IoT and everything in between!

Audiences from different software/tech backgrounds will get value out of this session regardless of their career stage, as I'll discuss how to make the leap to AWS yourself, but also how to help guide any staff you manage towards this leap as well.

Join me for an interactive and informative session, where I’ll share lots of tips, tricks and helpful resources to make your journey to AWS with Python much easier!