Tadeh Hakopian

Tadeh Hakopian

Program Manager

Energy Vault

Computational thinking for Creatives - Decoding Barriers to Entry

1:00 What is computational thinking
2:00 Why understanding computational thinking can help coding problem solving
4:00 How to bridge the gap of learning to code for creatives like designers
8:00 Establishing the thought process of sequential problem solving
16:00 Prepare people to understand how to abstract problems down into steps
24:00 Use visual aides and diagrams to help visual learners understand key concepts of computational thinking
30:00 With patterns people can build the basis for creating algorithms
34:00 Goals of creating training to learn to code while being mindful of different learning styles
36:00 The results including how people were able to get a handle on coding due to computational thinking
40:00 Review Key points and lessons learned