Designing the Web for a Sustainable Future

Level: All

We often assume that when we migrate from ‘paper’ to technology, we are reducing our carbon footprint and are helping build a better world. However, that is not always necessarily the case - for every movie you stream, tweet you make, and website you host, you are creating a warmer planet because ultimately, everything in our ‘digital supply chain’ runs on electricity 24x7x365, which in most cases, is generated from non-renewable sources. Did you know that even the colours you choose for your website can also make a huge environmental impact over time? A 2014 report by Greenpeace USA stated that if the Internet were a country, it would be 6th largest user of electricity in the world! Sustainable Web Design is about designing and building better, more conscientious web services that are gentle to the planet and the people living in it. I will talk about how we can build forward-thinking digital products and services that are driven by efficiency, usability, and renewability. I will also demonstrate an actionable checklist to track your current impact on the environment, recommended sustainable alternatives and romanticize about how good design can save the world. This talk hopes to inspire web developers, designers, product managers, or anyone who works with technology - to create more sustainable web products and services or at the very least, start a conversation because this requires our attention NOW!