Harsh Bardhan Mishra

Harsh Bardhan Mishra

Intern (Customer Content Services Team)

Red Hat

Go Serverless with Python and Azure Functions

With the rise of Serverless Applications, Developers now focus on developing the Code Logic and allow the Cloud Service Provider to focus on the deployment aspects. Serverless exactly doesn’t mean that there are no servers. It just means that we don’t need to provision and maintain them. Our Cloud Service Provider takes care of packaging and deployment almost instantaneously. With Serverless the advantages offered are huge:

  • Simplicity in running and maintaining
  • Scalability and quick deployment
  • Lower operational and maintenance costs
  • Abstraction of Servers and Security

Azure provides an easy way to deploy our applications. They can be deployed either via Virtual Machines (VM) or by going Serverless. Azure Functions is a serverless application platform. It features everything that we would want from a serverless platform. It allows us to develop and deploy applications using Python, Javascript or C#. With the aid of Azure Functions Core Tools, we can now develop, debug and test serverless applications. The talk would introduce you to the Serverless development on Azure Function and how you can deploy your Python applications on Azure.

Content of the Talk:

  • Introduction to Azure and Azure Function
  • What is Serverless?
  • Setting up a Functions Project and Template
  • Creating a Python Application
  • Testing and Deploying the Application
  • Q&A


  • Basic understanding of Cloud
  • Familiarity with Terminal and Python

By the end of the talk, we will learn how you can run your Python applications on serverless platforms like Azure.