Ali Atkison

Ali Atkison


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How’s Your Computer-side Manner?

Countless studies have found direct connections between a person’s communication skills and their professional success. In today’s world, most of your professional contacts only know you virtually. What does your computer-side manner say about you? Is it helping or hindering your professional success?

From an organizational standpoint, communication barriers cost the average organization $62.4 million per year in lost productivity. Is it possible your employees’ written and verbal communication skills are holding them back from being more successful, not to mention impacting your organization’s productivity and, thus, the bottom line?

Join renowned communications expert Dr. Ali Atkison as she explores the nature of EI in professional communication. But this is not your mom’s EI—EI in this case stands for empathy and inquiry, your two best friends when it comes to impactful communication.

In this session you’ll learn brain-based tactics for achieving impactful communication, which is communication that accomplishes what you want it to, and that allows you to stand out as the professional you need to be to achieve success