Yshay Yaacobi

Yshay Yaacobi

CTO & Co-Founder


Instant Self-Contained Development Environments for Everyone

It has become increasingly difficult & time consuming to start working on a new codebase, especially in a polyglot microservice world. Using several patterns & developer containers we can create an amazing developer experience that will allow anyone to instantly deep-dive into coding on any machine.

This talk will introduce the concept of a self-contained repository - a repository that contains all relevant information for workstation/dependency configuration, build, debug, CI/CD, secrets (encrypted), docs and more that reside in the repository. We’ll explore the idea of a development container and how we can use free OSS technologies (like Git Docker & Docker Compose, Kubernetes, GPG, VSCode, Tilt…) to create a stable development environment that works out-of-the-box and provides all the power, speed and capabilities of modern development & cloud native tooling. Live code examples will be showcased as part of this talk.