Malware Hunting - Using Python as Attack Weapon

The purpose of this presentation is to use python scripts to perform some tests of efficiency and detection in various endpoint solutions. During our demonstration, we`ll show a defensive security analysis with an offensive mind performing an execution of some python scripts responsible for downloading some malware in Lab environment. The first objective will be to simulate targeted attacks using a python script to obtain a panoramic view of the resilience presented by the solution, about the efficiency in its detection by signatures, NGAV, and Machine Learning. Running this script, the idea is to download these artifacts directly on the victim’s machine. The second objective is to run more than one python script with daily malware, made available by MalwaresBazaar upon request via API access, downloading daily batches of malware . With the final product, the front responsible for the product will have an instrument capable of guiding a mitigation and/or correction process, as well as optimized improvement, based on the criticality of the risks.