Ramon Navarro Bosch

Ramon Navarro Bosch

Co-Founder/CTO and Nuclia

Nuclia: AI Search as a Service with OSS

The talk will be separated into four parts:

MVP: How we were able to deliver value based on Guillotina framework for a fast prototype.

Data normalization: How we normalize unstructured data, including videos and audios, and extract value from it using NLP.

NucliaDB: a new open-source, cloud native & multimodal indexing database with high reading performance.

Nuclia OSS: Our open source plan and how we want to help OSS projects like Fast API, Django, Guillotina, Plone, Flask, Pyramind... to deliver more value. The talk will cover how Nuclia is changing the search industry status quo: It will show how using Nuclia's end-to-end API, is able to index and process any kind of data, including audios and videos, to boost applications with an AI & multi-language semantic search engine. We will specially focus on NucliaDB, the NLP database designed to store non structured information to provide fine grained searchability.