Quaive - How to Grow a Complex Software Suite for the Long Run

The central theme of this talk is: time. How do you architect a software product to get better and better in the long run?

There are simple answers to that question. And then there's reality.

If you're building a complex software product, different pieces of your stack evolve at different speeds. Yesteryear's frontend paradigm may already be oldskool, before your backend is feature-complete enough to ship.

Then there's the market, where the rubber meets the road, which has its own rhythms and slow evolution. Your whole stack may be oldskool, before the market is ready to adopt your product at scale.

The product that is now Quaive, started 10 years ago, building on foundations that reach much further back in time. We somehow managed to not drown in technical debt. Even better: our product development is picking up pace currently.

In this talk I will explain success factors, and highlight risks that need to be managed. We'll spend time on product vision, technical architecture, design system, team dynamics, and market dynamics.

How do you strike the right balance, between new feature development and refactoring technical debt? How do you combine open source ethics and community involvement, with establishing a sustainable business model?

You will hopefully walk away with some new insights into wicked problem solving.