Mayur Pipaliya

Mayur Pipaliya

Engineering Manager


Mayur Pipaliya

I work on the diverse magnitude of technologies to make human life easier and more thoughtful.

I have a deep love towards growing people, open source technologies, scalable architecture, performance, automation and clean, maintainable code that would run on ☁︎ cloud native infrastructure.

Oftentimes, I contribute to null security group, few IRC channels, various discussion boards, stack exchange and numerous universities while mentoring students learn open source technologies and tools out there.

Specialties: Cloud Native, Serverless Application/FaaS, MBaaS/NoOps/SRE, Linux, infrastructure architecture, performance tuning, cloud security, automation, a polyglot with code and tech tools.

Rust is my new favorite, after GoLang, Python, and JavaScript.

I spent considerable time at HackerEarth and on my venture for quite some time before serving as a Team Leader at Cyber Security Center, Saint Peter’s University.

Well, that's not all I'm around; I do have a countable hobbies for fun and living.

🛠 My two cents: always thrive to learn, and help others evolve.